Rear Child Seat Guppy Junior+


Polisport, Modelo Guppy Junior+

Carrier mounting system

The ideal seat for your older child

6 to 10 years old and up to 35 kg

Many parents use bicycles for everyday commuting because they‘re a small, and simple transportation. Guppy Junior combines a simple and practical design with a sturdy and light construction to endure daily use. The retractable footrests may be attached to the bicycle frame at the perfect height. Guppy Junior is delivered fully assembled and features Polisport’s exclusive mounting system which allows a fast mounting of the seat without any tools. The seat can slide back and forth, according to the child’s height. The soft cushion and back support offer the desirable comfort.

Included a pair of retractable footrests and wheel protector – easily mounted on the forks (17 to 21 mm) at the correct height according to the children size.
Polisport strongly advise the use of an extra wheel protector
Security belt: one lap security harness and extra safety harness to be strapped to the bicycle frame.
Back safety reflector.

Ergonomic shape for back support – double-walled for maximum protection and increased child comfort
Soft and washable cushion.

No tools needed: easy assembling of the baby seat on the carrier
Guppy Junior is supplied fully assembled and can, therefore, be used straight out of the box.The seat can also be moved back and forth to be adjusted according to any carrier and child size
Footrests and Wheel Protector mounting kit included
Carrier not included


Compatibles with carriers in accordance with ISO 11243 – 120to 175 mm. Now also fitting wider carriers – 185 mm.
Compatibles with carriers in accordance with ISO 11243 – only for carriers up to 35kg.
Fits luggage carrier tubes from 10 a 16mm.
Wheel Protector/ Footrests – fitting forks with 17 to 21mm.
This child bicycle seat must not be mounted to bicycles fitted with rear shock absorbers.
This child bicycle seat must not be mounted to a racing bicycle with drop handlebar.
This child bicycle seat must not be mounted to Motorized Vehicles such as Mopeds and Scooters.

22 to 35 kg / 48,5 to 77,16 lb
This child bicycle seat is only suitable for carrying children with a maximum weight of 35 Kg (and children with recommended ages ranging from 6 to 10 years of age – with the weight as the decisive variable).

6 to 10 years

Winner of an If Design Award
Winner of a Eurobike Award
Winner of a German Design Award

3,31 kg / 7,30 lb

width 394 x height 563 x depth 435