Bicycle child seat Guppy Junior


Polisport, Guppy Junior Model

The ideal car seat for the older child

Luggage carrier installation

6 to 10 years old or up to 35Kg


Many parents use the bicycle for their daily trips. Practicality and driving stability are the most important features and have given Guppy Junior the IF Design Award and German Design Award. This is because it combines a simple and practical design with a sturdy double casing and a lightweight structure to withstand everyday use. Guppy Junior now features a luggage rack, which translates into a better fit for electronic bikes and greater functionality.

Extra wheel protection for anchor and different adjustment points (included)
Folding footrest to apply to the anchor. (included)
Footrest Protection Plate – can be applied at various heights according to the size of the child. (included)
1 rear reflector to increase chair visibility. These protections apply to round struts 17 to 21mm.
Extra belt tightening the bike frame
Larger footprint – preventing foot to wheel contact

Ergonomic design for child back support
Comfortable and washable seat.

Possibility to move the chair in several different positions (further back or forward) according to the size of the bike or the child.
Seat placement and removal is quite easy, allowing users to move daily – simply push or unscrew the button without any need for additional tools.
Mounting kit included. No additional keys required.

This seat can only be fitted to bicycles whose luggage compartment complies with ISO11243 – with an application range of 120 to 175mm. Note This model applies to larger luggage compartments – up to 185 mm.
This seat can only be fitted to bicycles whose luggage compartment meets ISO11243 – supporting a weight of up to 35 kg.
Applies to luggage racks with 10 to 16mm tubes.
We recommend installing this chair on 26´´ and 28´´ wheel bikes.
This chair cannot be mounted on bicycles with front shock absorbers.
This seat cannot be mounted on racing bikes with reversed handlebars.
This seat cannot be mounted on motor vehicles such as motorcycles, mopeds and scooters.

22 to 35 kg / 48.5 to 77.16 lb
This seat is only suitable for carrying children up to 35 kg
(and for children aged 6 months to 10 years – weight being the deciding variable).

3.31 kg / 7.30 lb

Width 410X Height 390 x Depth 390 mm

Winner of an If DesignAward
EurobikeAward winner
Winner of a German Design Award